Image of Nova Vita

Nova Vita

£800.00 - £1,000.00 — On sale

Oil, acrylic and spray paint on 300 gsm textured art paper.
150cm x 95cm

Nova Vita is from a series of work entitled Oriens, meaning ‘the east’ in Latin. looks at the way light is reflected across the urban environment. Watching the sun rise and the light slowly creep into the day casting its shadows across the city has been a big influence on Richards work over the years.
The work in this series blends both the dynamism and energy of the futurists with the geometry and depth of the suprematists and keeping the roots in graffiti art.

The work is available both framed and Unframed and will be shipped 1st class. You will receive a tracking number once the artwork has been shipped.

Image of Circulation
£580.00 — On sale
Image of Harmonics
£580.00 — On sale
Image of Through the Veil
Through the Veil
£580.00 — On sale
Image of Slow Motion
Slow Motion
£580.00 — On sale
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